Convenient and Easier Way of Ironing With Vertical Steam IRON

A traditional iron is highly used but in modern times they are no longer an easy or convenient mode for ironing. They are heavier to handle and utilizes a lot of power.

Vertical steam iron is a much more convenient method to press clothes. It is highly efficient and consumes less power. It is a perfect medium to iron our clothes and deodorize it.

For what kind of clothes should we use a vertical steam iron?

The steam iron can be used for any kind of clothes but it would be more effective if we use it for ironing delicate and soft fabrics like silk, satin, polyester, and jersey. The best part of this kind of steamer is that it doesn’t actually touch clothes while ironing them.

There are absolutely no chances of burning the clothes as it doesn’t come in contact with the surface of the clothes. Vertical steamer is very suitable for ironing printed shirt, suit jacket, it is also used to smooth out pleats, sleeves and ruffles in a garment.

How to use a Vertical Steam iron?

It is one of the easiest and convenient ways to press clothes and very easy to use. Some of the steps for using a steam iron is discussed below-

  • At first, the water is heated to the point until it becomes steam.
  • The steam generated is then applied to clothing through a nozzle.
  • It is one of the best methods to remove wrinkles.

Steps needed to be followed before steaming garments

  • It is advised to use vertical steamer on surfaces that could take a high level of heat.
  • While using the device on a colored clothing, it is advised to test it on a small patch of cloth because sometimes it is observed that color fades away when moisture is applied to it.
  • It should be checked that the steam iron is not over steamed as it could blow out the seams on a jacket.

What is the price or budget that one should have for a vertical steam iron?

The electronic gadget is available over a wide price range, it is manufactured by a lot of companies with different technological features in different shapes and sizes. The price is not constant and it varies from one iron to the other.

Top manufacturers like Philips, Bajaj, Samsung, Havells manufactures this kind of steam iron. The price of the Gadget ranges from Rs 1,200 – Rs 18,000 (Prices are subjected to vary with market fluctuations).

In the year 2020 the best steam iron to look out for:

We have analyzed a lot of vertical steam iron reviews of customers and critics alike and finally reached a point. Where we have chosen the best options in steam iron for our readers. The list is shared below:

  • Rowenta DW2171 Access steam iron
  • Sunbeam GCSBCS Turbo steam iron
  • Hamilton Beach 14881 steam iron
  • Panasonic NI-E400 TSM Steam Iron
  • Philips GC1621 steam iron

We have shared only the best options but as per your convenience and budget, you can look out for many other options that are available in the market.