Top 10 Best Boarding School in the U.S

Nowadays, the stereotypical boarding schools are not the only options available for families. An academic full-time boarding school can be a great alternative to typical boarding schools. They can be full time or weekly basis where students can go home during weekends. When parents choose boarding school to their children, they look for the most selective, competitive, and influential school in the country. 

Children can build lucrative social networks that will open Ivy League universities’ doors for them. Parents send their children to boarding schools as these schools offer a different prospectus of academic programs, which helps them in preparing for their future. In this article, we have mentioned the 10 best boarding school which are indeed the best for your children. 

1. The Putney School

The Putney School in Vermont, U.S.A was founded in 1935 and offering education to students from grades 9-12 since then. Students who study at Putney School are encouraged and motivated to pursue their academic interests. Besides, they are provided with bounty educational opportunities and art-based programs. 

2. St. Paul’s school

St. Paul is a coed boarding school for students in grades 9-12 can take admission. Besides, this school offers postgraduate year programs. Not only students but facility members also live on-campus, which promotes an active campus community. Students are encouraged to play sports instead of having physical education classes. 

3. Shattuck-St. Mary’s School

The best option for parents looking for a school that provides innovative yet traditional educational programs is Shattuck-St. Mary’s School. It is an independent co-ed boarding school that was founded in 1858 and since then serving students in grades 6-12.  Besides, it offers multiple experimental programs in various fields, including engineering, bioscience, sports, or self-designed significant programs. 

4. Tabor Academy 

Founded in 1876, Tabor academy is a co-educational academy that was established to provide better and complete facilities that are likely to exist in higher branches of School. There are numerous clubs, organizations, art and music and athletic programs that Tabor academy has for their students to partake. 

5. Deerfield Academy

The Deerfield Academy is located in Western Massachusetts, which was founded in 1797 and offers a post-graduate year to its students. It is for students in grades 9-12 and prepares them academically from renowned universities like Yale, Princeton, and Harvard.  In each term, students are required to participate in co-curricular activities. Deerfield Academy is known for its heritage; that is why students are needed to follow traditions such as singing the evensong and having sit-down meals. 

6. Woodberry forest School

Founded in 1899, Woodberry forest school is an all-boarding, all-boys school that is located in Madison County, Virginia. It has a distinct requirement for graduation as it requires every student to complete 60 hours of community service before graduation. Besides, it needs them to spend at least 30 hours with the people benefitting from their services, which are known as contact hours.  

7. Verde Valley School

Verde Valley School is a co-education school that requires students to complete a weekly job program, community workdays, and daily morning dorm chores. It was founded in 1948 in Sedona, Arizona, for students in grades 9- 12. 

8. The Orme School

The Orme School is a coeducational college preparatory school that is located one hour’s drive away from Phoenix in Mayer, Arizona. This school has a unique feature: it is home to a cattle ranch, which is used as lab learning in the school. Besides, it offers multiple academic programs to students in grades 9-12. 

9. Blair Academy 

The Blair Academy was founded in 1848 in New Jersey. It has a unique public speaking program that focuses solely on teaching practical public speaking skills throughout the year. School also provides financial aid to approx. 40% of students based on their needs. Students who study at Blair Academy get admission to world-renowned universities for a postgraduate year. 

10. Peddie School

Peddie School is a private co-ed boarding high school in Hightstown, New Jersey, which is around eight miles away from Princeton. Students receive marks as well as academic letter grades for efforts. This program, grades each student from classes 9-12 based on class performance, athletic records, community work, partake in clubs, etc. The School offers diverse programs to its students, including research science, Asian studies, arts, and creative writing.

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