Top 5 Purified Water Brands in the World – Buyer’s Guide

Water is one of the most essential elements required for our survival. Due to the growing population, access to safe drinking water has reduced drastically. As per the research, billions of people are not able to get healthy and safe water daily.

Earlier, tap water was considered safe enough to drink. But with the water sources being affected by pollution and chemicals, even the drinking water we get at home isn’t safe anymore. It is contaminated, comprised of pathogens (bacteria and virus) and other substances that are hazardous for our health.

Due to these reasons, there is a growing demand among people for packaged water. They are purified, free from chemicals and safe for health. Many brands provide purified water.

Top 5 purified water brands in the world-

1. Fiji natural artesian water

The word ‘Fiji’ is described as refreshing and mild that lacks odor and aftertaste problems. The Fiji water is natural artesian water and bottling was started in 1996. It is known for the iconic square bottle that tastes smooth. The bottle comes with natural silica content and some amount of calcium and magnesium. The water consists of alkaline and electrolyte more and is pH balanced. Therefore, it is a great option and safe also for drinking.

2. Crystal geyser

This is the best-purified water in the world with a balanced pH and electrolyte level. The price is not too high as compared to other brands. You can easily buy in bulk quantity required for meetings or parties. The size of the bottle is very convenient that can be carried in a backpack easily. 

3. Evian natural spring water

This was discovered by a French nobleman during the French revolution. The Evian stems are considered as curing and restorative powers. It gives the mineral taste and composition of water that makes it contentious. The packaging of Evian bottles is simple and elegant. It is tapered that is easy to carry and handy. 

4. JUST water

JUST water has become popular purified water in the world due to certain celebrities. It is being promoted by them for everyday use. This is best for people who don’t want to use plastic water bottles. It comes in boxes similar to the coated paper cartons. The material is not slippery and handy. The packaging is recyclable including the cap. Water consists of little alkaline and electrolyte levels that make it sweet. 

5. Gerolsteiner Mineral water

It was founded in 1888 in Germany. This is one of the best water companies where purity and cleanliness are maintained and adheres to purity protocols. The Gerolsteiner water is comprised of a high amount of calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium. These are an essential source of nutrients for the body. The natural carbonation makes the water refreshing and neutral in taste.Many other brands provide purified water in the world. These packaged bottles are environment-friendly, unlike the other non-recyclable plastic bottles which we are used to seeing at departmental stores. The customers are spoilt for choice with so many options available, so pick the one that meets all your needs, tastes good and comprises of essential minerals.

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